Do I have to Buy SSL from my Host?

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Certain best companies easily provide you free SSL certificates within the hosting package. You need not buy it separately. But if you already have purchased a hosting plan for yourself, then you should consider buying it separately.

On buying the SSL certificate included in a package, certainly reduces your overall website cost. To implement and install an SSL certificate by yourself in simple ways, we recommend using the WordPress plugin “Simple SSL.”

User trust is quite crucial. Whenever user visit to your website believes to feel secure if you ask any sort of information from them. It may be an email address, any sort of transaction details, credit card number for paying money in exchange for any stuff.

Some hosting service providers that are with free SSL certificates are:

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If we talk about what Google says, Google declares a website/blog without an SSL certificate is non-secure for users and asks you not to give any concerning information. This means in the eye of Google you should not trust that website that does not have an SSL certificate. Making it more clear, you should not share your personal details with them in any form.

SSL certificate from host service or domain registrar

SSL certificate is no doubt one of the Google ranking signals, and good to buy an SSL certificate from the host service for the domain registrar. The cost of purchasing an SSL certificate is variable. It basically varies from one service provider to another hosting service provider. It cost you between 50 to 200 dollars per year.

Here I personally suggest you purchase from if you already have a website and want to add an SSL certificate additionally else you can look buying within the package. SSL certificate with “” is affordable, costs you around $35 per year. You can even ask your service provider to install it for you. But before that, you should care of your package whether an SSL certificate is included or not.

SSL certificate from host service or domain registrar

Do blogs need HTTPS

Not only this but also these days, search engines like Google, Bing are giving more preference to the website SSL certificate. A website with HTTPS than HTTP. Recently, it is taken as one of the ranking signals to help you achieve a good ranking.

However, When It comes to bloggers, these days with the incoming of amp plugin and its features, this has made blog writers and websites are somehow free from installing SSL certificate. It is because Google itself creates a cache of your website with CDN service.

Do blogs need HTTPS

The reason behind so much preference and emphasize is adding it in a ranking signal is that it basically establish a secure connection between a user and a server protect your information from hackers. As everybody knows, Hackers are the intermediate that can read, write, alter the information in without letting anyone know.

When a user visits any website, this transfers sensitive information that nobody likes to share without knowing anyone. A website with only simple HTTP means a malicious person can hijack not essentially your important login credentials. 

Whereas, with HTTPS, your connection with the browser to the server remains to save as encrypted information is transferred from one site to another. It becomes difficult for thieves to read the information you are sending to the other side.

make my website secure https

We personally suggest you, if you are more after building up an eCommerce website or have one of a kind of website. Your website/blog collects email addresses and concerns about personal information, then you should essentially buy an SSL certificate from the host or domain registrar. Websites having SSL certificates can easily recognize with HTTPS word with a padlock sign.

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