When you Buy a Domain from GoDaddy? Do You Own it

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No matter whether you buy a domain name from GoDaddy or from other service providers, you cannot own it permanently. Technical no one can eligible for it. You have to have pay to keep your domain after particular tenure.

You can keep the domain name maximum of 10 years, thereafter you have to renew it. Making it more clear, purchasing a domain is equal and to taking and paying building rent. You cannot own a building but you have to pay monthly expenses for using it.

Another thing is that majority of the users buy a domain name minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 5 years. After that, they go for another renewal. I always renew after 2 years. If you are more vulnerable to losing domain, you activate auto-billing in GoDaddy Settings, this will automatically charge you when your domain about to expire. 

Auto-billing Domain from GoDaddy Settings

Buying a Domain With Package

If you are a new user to buy a domain name, I recommend that you should consider buying a free domain name included in the hosting package. This protects you from paying extra. No doubt, when you go for a purchase for the very first time, you may feel paying overcharge. So that is why? I am sharing my own experience and suggest to become careful regarding choice.

Free Domain with Web Hosting

For example–when you go for purchase with the Bluehost company which has a similar reputation to GoDaddy. They will not only serve you a free domain name but also an SSL certificate with more features at the same price you are getting from GoDaddy. As you know, One of the features– SSL certificate nowadays has become essential. It is considered a ranking factor. Look at the following screenshot.


In addition to this, You should make sure the domain name should be .com for international target and it can be country specific domain such as if you are targeting India then you should take .in, for Australia you should buy .com.au, similarly for the UK it is good to buy .co.uk for early rankings.

Here is something more good for you, if you are near celebration day like Christmas, black Friday. This helps you more. The price of a domain is different at different times of the year. For example– on the day of Black Friday, you can easily take benefit of up to 70% off. Whereas regular days, they charge you with variable price rates.

Except this, many users or newbies find GoDaddy’s price rate high comparatively. Whereas other hosting companies offering several features at the same price. Others prefer to buying a domain from GoDaddy and hosting service from another one.

Conclusion Buy a Domain from GoDaddy and Own it: Not only domains from Godaddy but also other similar service providers ever provide you permanent ownership to a particular domain. But you can register as long as to a maximum of 10 years. After that, you have to renew it. Bloggers or website owners tend to prevent from register domain for so long. This really cost so much. During one time, they renew for a maximum of 5 years.

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