If I buy a domain from GoDaddy, do I have to host with them?

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Not necessarily, it’s your wish whether you want to go with GoDaddy or not. There is no such constraint behind it. You can avail of the facilities from two different companies. When you register a domain for the very first time from GoDaddy, they instantly ask or I say recommend you to buy hosting at that time you can skip that step to refuse their hosting service. Some latest offers from fast hosting services are:

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Sharing my own experience when I purchased a domain for the very first time, I was confused among several hosting services. It is quite often in the market, every company explains and claims itself as the best among others. This basically confused me a lot. Then I finally end up with Bluehost hosting and find it most suitable at an initial step. Nowadays, Siteground hosting is leading with appreciable services.

Replacing Name Servers In Godaddy Settings

When I bought a domain name from GoDaddy, I simply set up a hosting server IP address. This basically points the domain name to the hosting server.


A server is basically a place that keeps your website data. When somebody types a domain name in the web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, etc). Instantly your domain point server sends requests for the website/blog files to display in front of the user.

Hosting IP addresses basically tells the server of hosting providers. GoDaddy offers you a control panel and main settings when you buy a domain name from them. In the domain management settings, you have to locate the name servers.

updating domain name servers with new addresses

This is a place where you have to replace the name servers with the hosting service provider’s name servers to make the website available online.

adding Name servers Godaddy

When you update the new server names, after few minutes to hours, you can easily access your website.

One thing to remember, your purchased Domain has a particular renewal period. You can’t buy permanently. You have an option to book/register your domain from a minimum of months to one year to several years. You can easily expand your pocket according to your desire. Most common to register minimum for a year. This is sufficient during the initial step.

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Godaddy Domain with free hosting

Some new beginners want to pursue their hobbies. They have a huge asset of knowledge and just want to write a blog without spending any single penny. They connect their domain name with services like Blogspot, wix.com, Tumblr, WordPress. They simply replace the name service as stated above and make them work with the GoDaddy domain.

No doubt, these are free services but the truth is you have to limit yourself with its functionality. The whole control is in the hands of official authority. Free means only take benefit of limited features. This also restricts tools that help ranking good on Google along with the impact on your company or a brand.

We personally suggest you have your own purchased hosting service to take full benefit of features. This easily reflects the sole brand impression. Lately, if your content and services like by the customer’s/audience, then you have a choice to move in any direction you love to.

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