Want to Change the way of Sex Scenes |'New Standard' - Full Interview Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde in a recent conversation with Katie Couric said that she wants to change the way of sex scenes in the film industry. The 35-year-old actress was present on the 2020 Makers Conference stage.

Want to Change the way of Sex Scenes |'New Standard' - Full Interview Olivia Wilde

During an interview, she said that she always tries to make her work more effective and efficient. A responsibility exists to keep everything smooth from the ambiance, actors to crew members.

Olivia Wilde shared her valuable experience with the host and audience. Discussing that everything changes with time. The direction is not like the early days. Priority is given to make actors more comfortable during the scenes that require vulnerability.  

“I learned that many of the parts of the system that we accept just to be true, the way a film set works, the hierarchy and how it exists are actually something — it’s something we have more control of than we assume,” she said. “So when I got onto a set, it’s like, okay, I’m finally steering this ship. Do I have to steer it the same way I’ve seen guys do it? Or can I do my own thing? I can do my own thing. So I’m going to change the way this usually works.”

The Booksmart sex scene taught her a lesson she added, as an example in her conversation and also explains reasons regarding building up new standards at the beginning of the shooting.

“I thought, okay, I’ll finally teach everyone what a closed set means. And I said to our actresses that are doing this intimate scene, ‘When you’re on your next film set, I want you to demand what I’m showing you today.’”

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