Happy Birthday Cousin

Happy Birthday Cousin - Many times we struggle to gather good Happy birthday wishes to our special cousin. The most important events in our life are birthdays. Today or tomorrow maybe your cousin's birthday but you are unable to understand how to greet him or her in a more better way so that you can express your feelings exactly you feel about him or her.

Happy Birthday Cousin

This is the exact moment when you say something to your cousin which is quite important for someone who loves you the most and always stands by your side may be during the difficult times. Simple messages "happy birthday" is not an effective and efficient way. Saying in a good way make him happy, if you are wondering where you get these wishes. I suggest the following Best Happy Birthday Cousin. You will like the most. You can share it on the social media platform and pick it up according to your choice.

 Happy Birthday Cousin

  • Happy birthday, cousin God bless you a prosperous life and a healthy journey and I hope you never get change.

  • A true cousin is one who acts as a strong pillar to support others you are one of a kind. happy birthday my dear cousin.

  • Many a time people say that it is quite difficult to find a selfless friend in a materialistic world. I find my cousin cum friend. I mean a true friend cousin like you don't exist. happy birthday, cousin.

  • You are the one who is honest, caring, selfless, and ready to help without any reason. This is actually the description of a true cousin.

  • A true cousin is one who does not take the advantages of weakness even after knowing it. I think such kind of cousin can be felt cannot be described in terms of words.

  • It is a fact that priorities and the living standard have changed the meaning of a real cousin. But I know you are not from those who use a person for their benefit. Thank you for being my cousin. Happy birthday.

  • Happy birthday wishes my cousin. I hope you celebrate a birthday every year with great enthusiasm and Joy. I wish that you receive a lot of wishes and gifts on this day. Also, blessings of your parents and elders to live long that what exactly you need my stupid cousin.

  • Happy birthday, my dear cousin, I hope this day brings happiness and blessings and you become Apple of an eye for everyone in the future. I wish this day repeatedly comes for millions of years.

  • happy birthdays are so special as it reminds us the day we come on the earth. Today I wish you with a lot of blessings for your wonderful upcoming life. Hope you get a Girl of your choice soon.

  • I don't believe spending time with cousin just for the sake of fun. I only need a cousin that is you who is honest, and trustworthy.  Happy Birthday to my dear cousin from me. This is what actually you are.

Happy Birthday

  • Happy birthday to a cousin who is cooperative, accommodating,  and always ready to help. We have good compatibility and have many reasons why we stand by each other.

  • A 🎂 cake makes a day special but a cake with a special cousin makes it unique that is out of the world. Happy birthday my wishes to a cousin.

  • Happy birthday message to my cousin, you are like a candle to me who burns himself/herself to lighten up the path.

  •  You can be a superhero or a role model for others for which a person can follow your footprints happy birthday.

  • I have the best ever-present. The wonderful thing God has sent me is you. Wishing you success for the upcoming life on your happy birthday.

  • You are the one who always stands by me. May happiness and prosperity crown you always happy birthday my dear cousin.

  • Happy birthday, cousin, may this year brings happiness big smiles on your face.

  • You mean a lot to me. A cousin like you is never less than gold. A gold like you in hand. Happy birthday.

  •  You do not need any description of being loyal to me. Cousin. You are the one who is unique from others. Happy birthday cousin.

  • You are my best cousin cum friend and buddy of my life. No matter you become a year old tonight. Please don't ever get changed.

  • My cousin, I remember childhood age.  Still, we laugh together, we are doing the same stupid things every day. happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday my dear cousin. Hope this year brings a lot of joy, a beautiful wife, and have a successful journey in the future.

  • I pray that the upcoming life of yours brings Joy, happiness, and a healthy prosperous family. Hope you get married soon.

  • I wish You get the girl of your choice on this birthday. I hope that you accomplish your desires and achieve what you think happy birthday.

  • Happy birthday my dear cousin. Like me, you become an year elder. hope we die together and meet in hell because, without you, life will be so boring over there.

  • It's an honour to become cousin of you because you have all the qualities that a cousin needs. So, stay with me always happy birthday.

  • I pray to God to have a blissful prosperous healthy, wealthy life that you actually need. I want my cousin always of such kind.  happy birthday, cousin.

  • My dear cousin, you are always like a candle to me. You lighten the path of your friend I hope you will continue to so.

  • Our relationship is like a balanced ecosystem such that plants cannot live without oxygen in the same we are.

  • I remember when we were a child, we played together and had done insane things like nobody does. This is what I remember the happiest birthday my dear cousin.

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