Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages For Son (Updated 1 hour)

The happiest moment in life for parents (Mom, Dad) is when their son's birthday is approaching near. It is because they have seen their growing son to older. They always wish that he touches the peak of his career. On this special day, our team has organized some good phrases for a birthday that gives you an opportunity to speak the language of the heart. You always want to dedicate wonderful wishes messages, quotes to a son that nobody has done before. Born of a child is always a rememberable moment for both father and mother. They never forget such moments until the end of their life. 

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages For Son

Expressing or saying happy birthday son make him realize (feel) that his parents are still caring, love with the same feeling. The following help you to list out the best happy birthday wishes, messages, quotes for your beautiful son. You can share on the Facebook wall update any social media platform.

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages For Son

  • The past memories always act as precious goldstone which can never forget in any way. I pray to God that every mother receives a child like you. Happy Birthday my dear son.

  • It is a fact that time moves with its own pace. It's once gone never be recalled. A person has always been restricted to those memories what he spent with his son. On this special day, I pray to God that your future life will be full of wonderful moments, love, prosperity, smiles, and you get a beautiful partner. Happy birthday my son.

  • Happy birthday dear son. Have a wonderful life ahead. I receive as a blessing of God. What I feel cannot be described in words. HB with lots of love, wishing you a better future life ahead.

  • Happy birthday to my beautiful son who is growing more stronger day by day. I wish that you will pursue your dreams and achieve them one day. Wishing you a prosperous, healthy, wealthy, joyful life.

  • Dear son, you are one of a kind who we see growing. Today I am confident enough to say that I have that son who nobody has. Congratulations on your birthday we are always here to support you.

  • A day without a son is like missing of Little Angel who always relishes us with prosperity, happiness, and sounds of laughter. From Mother

  • A son like you is very difficult to have. On your birthday, I am sending a beautiful gift with love and happiness and congratulation once again Hope success touch is your feet.

  • I still remember those days, when I took you in my arms and we loved throughout the day. I do not think that those days come again. On this special day, such memories remind me that how important you to me.

  • When I see mirror I always get a reflection of you on. On this special day, I give you millions of blessings that always with you every step of your life.

  • Happy birthday, son. Every year you grow and become older. Celebrating a special birthday with family gives a wonderful feeling. I hope you understand and steal time from your hectic schedule to meet us.

  • On the day of your birthday, your mother welcomed you to this world. It was a beautiful feeling. When you were a child, I still remember that we enjoyed stories of success together.

  • It is true that parents always remember the days they spend with their children. It was a beautiful experience that you were with us. On this special day of your birthday, We are remembering you and lighting candles, cutting the cake on the behalf of you keeping memories in the heart. happy birthday.

  • Thank you for being a wonderful son. You always on toes to help us without expecting anything in return. You have made our life wonderful. On the day of your birthday. we together remembering you.

  • Happy birthday dear son. Your presence is always pleased us. We are so happy to give birth to a child who is is not similar to others means unique. We feel proud to have a child like you.

  • Congratulations son. We do not have many words to express love. Thank you for bringing our family to the next level. I hope you achieve all those dreams what you desire. Our wishes, blessings, best of luck is always with you Happy birthday dear.

  • On the day of your birthday, millions of kisses, millions of hugs, millions of love. We always pray that you reach the goal of your life. happy birthday to the best son.

  • On this day, we are remembering your last visit. It was awesome. We eagerly waiting for your next visit to our home. It does not matter how far you are from us but we still have a strong bonding connection with each other.

  • On the day of your birthday, we are expressing the proudest moment for a person who is our son, who is well known in the family for honesty, integrity, and brings pride to the father which can never be calculated, evaluated. Think about it.

  • Happy birthday, my dear son, we hope you always remain happy, caring. You are always on a priority no matter how old we are. We are always in an effort to accomplish your desires. Congratulations.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages From Mom To My Son

  • Happy birthday dear son. This special day gives me a feeling of love. We really appreciate your efforts for being a pillar. We really appreciate what you have done for us.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages My Son

  • It was a time when the whole family was in trouble. You didn't lose & step ahead to find against the obstacles. That result in happiness, joy, success and a united family. I hope to see you millions of years growing.

  • Sometimes it feels like you are becoming more, confident, handsome, beautiful, and even more incredible like us. Happy birthday to my lovely son.

  • Happy birthday to a son who is getting taller in taller hope you touches the sky one-day Happy birthday my dear son with lots of laughter. From Mom

  • Happy birthday to a son who never cleans his room. Who always become a reason for a fight.

  • A day before sleep I was thinking of a boy who doesn't need to diaper anymore. Who didn't forget to poop on the bed but now it is everything is fine. Happy birthday my boy.

  • I still remember when you delete your computer browser history and we always tried to catch you chatting with your girlfriend. This was a wonderful feeling. Today, I want to say that I know everything about her. Happy Birthday.

  • Happy birthday to my dear son. I hope you achieve everything in your life. I always pray to God that you remain healthy, wealthy, and happy

  • Happy birthday to a son who is special among others. I wish my lovely child as you are one of the greatest gifts that I ever received from God.

  • A son like you always has a special place in my heart. Being a mother I love you unconditionally. I wish that happiness always remains with you. A birthday wish from your mother.

  • A special birthday for a special son. You are never less than a piece of gold every. Every Mother has as a child but none of them can be compared with you. On this special day, wishing you a prosperous birthday.

  • No matter how old you are. You are still a child for me. May all the best blessings rain on you and always happy birthday.

  • On the day of your birthday, Keep running with your own pace as I believe that you have the abilities to win over the world. You are a true inspiration to others. Have a wonderful day ahead. From Mother(Mom)

  • A son like you is always more than a flower. Who always give fragrance to their parents and never expect anything in return. You have become the reason to love. You dear

  • Happy birthday to a son who deserves everything in the world. I wish this message brings a big smile on your face. I am really thankful to God for giving me such a lovely son.

  • Saying happy birthday is always a special moment. Thank you for being the most loving, caring son. No one understands us better than you. Wish you a very happy birthday.
Once again Happy Birthday to son from our team also.

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