Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages for Brother(Updated 1 hour before)

Having a younger or elder brother is one of the beautiful gifts of life. Today or tomorrow is your brother's Happy birthday and you do not know how to convey wishes or message in a unique way.  The following are the collection of Top happy birthday brother wishes with quotes for dear brother (Bhai or Bhaiya). The most excellent feeling in life is when your little or big brother receives blessings from his or her well-wisher. What he can expect more than this. Saying in simple words like happy birthday brother only is not a good way to say what to feel about him.

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages for Little & Big Brother

It will be good enough if you convey message something more than what he admires or deserves the most. It is because his existence is more than any other. You can pick and share the status of a brother on Facebook and other social media platform.

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages for Little & Big Brother

  • We together wept. We always fought for no reasons. We did things just to irritate each other. This is what we have in our childhood memories. Happy birthday little brother.

  • Most memorable moment of my life is when we together slept, played and spend the whole day together. Such childhood memories ❤️ were wonderful and of course out of the world Happy birthday brother.

  • Happy birthday Big brother. It was a time when we didn't share or exchange anything. This might be because we loved each other and used to shout out that we will never talk when we will get mature. But this never happens. It is because I love you just as opposite poles attract each other. 

  • When our parents scold us. We always blamed each other that the other has done wrong. This is what I love the most. Even today  I have such awesome memories in my heart. Blessings on your truly lovable happy birthday. Hope you get succeed in achieving what you have dreamed of.

  • Whenever I was in difficulty, you always lend me a helping hand and pull me out of the trouble. No matter how we hated as enemies at home and even abused each other. This is what actually reflects the love between us. Thank you for being in my life. Happy birthday big brother.

  • Happy birthday my big brother your loyalty, responsibility of handling the whole family is truly admirable. No one can experience but only I can what you have done for the family thank you for being a part of our life.

  • A world without you is totally incomplete. Your contribution to our life is beyond comprehension. Prosperous Birthday Elder Brother.

  • You are one of a kind of little brother that nobody has I feel proud that I have received you as a gift from my parents. I love you from the bottom of my heart and thank you, parents, one again for gifting me such a loyal brother. Happy Birthday.

  • Thank you, Big brother. I never forget what you have done for me. You always stand by me during my difficulties. I hope you will never ever see any obstacles in the future.

  • None of the people in this world is present who wipe my tears during my trouble. You are only who do this. Thank you for guiding each and every footstep of my life. Happy birthday brother.

  • I hope this success touches your feet in you in the future. You get all the blessings, prosperous health and have a wonderful journey. Hope you get married soon. Happy Birthday message to a younger brother.

  • Happy birthday my dear big brother. There is no one like you in this world. You have always been a special who always support, take care, and ready to help without any motive.

  • Happy birthday younger bro. I always need you. So, don't go anywhere. Stay with me throughout the life of my journey.

  • Happy birthday little brother for creating colourful memories together with me. Thank you for developing many prosperous moments in my life. Happy birthday once again on this exceptional day.

  • Happy birthday Younger brother. I hope this day comes millions of years and we continue to celebrate great pleasure and joy.

  • Happy birthday Big brother. Thank you for wiping up my tears and make me smile. This is what a sister can expect from his brother. You are selfless, encouraging, and extraordinary man in the world thank you.

  • Thank you for being my little brother. Hope our strong bonding connection continuous for million, billions of years and never get a break. In this world, no one can break our relationship.

  • Happy birthday little brother. I hope your future journey becomes more wonderful, shine more than a  sun.

  • Happy birthday wishes to brother. You are like a teacher to me who does not only do my school assignments. But also act as are teachers that help to lay the foundation of my life with his skills.

  • You have good traits of nature like you never allow me to give up under difficult situations. I observe people can survive in tough times and flourish if they have a brother like you. Happy Birthday line for my brother.

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages To Dear Brother(Bhai or Bhaiya)

  • I thank to God who gifted me a younger brother like you. Spending time with you is the milestone of past memories of our life.

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages To Dear Brother(Bhai or Bhaiya)

  • Thank you for giving time to me. There are so many things and memories that are making our life pleasant, wonderful and strengthen a bond between us. Happy birthday elder brother. 

  • Happy birthday status for a brother. You are much more than a friend. I hope our journey continues until the end of life. Thank you for being with me.

  • When I wept you hug me and when I smile you make me laugh. When I was scolded by parents, you are the one who in supports me. Thank you for being my brother who always took my side I hope those days come back.

  • Your place is in my heart. You are the best ever gift that has gifted by parents. I'm proud of the younger brother. Hope you will have success days ahead and you soon get married.

  • Happy birthday to you big brother. You are like a role model to me. None of the people in this world have a brother like you.

  • I don't even think of living life alone. I never ever think of anyone is there in my life. You are my everything happy birthday brother.

  • Happy birthday my dear brother. Have a blissful birthday ahead. You are a unique hero in my life. I always pursue your suggestion before doing anything. Stay with me as I always need of you.

  • I have a little brother who is much expensive than the diamond. I promise that I will always with you until the end of life. Stay happy as it today is your birthday.

  • Happy birthday brother. I hope you become an apple of the eye of the world. You shine the brightest and have a prosperous life. You have proved that nobody can be carer I like you.

  • Happy birthday my crazy little (younger) brother. You are in my heart. Having a brother like you is a fantastic feeling that I have experienced so far. I love you.

  • I always feel proud of experiencing that I have a brother like you. You always stand by me during each and every trouble. Thank you for understanding me too. Have a joyful birthday.

  • A big brother is always as a candle who burns himself to lighten up the path of the younger. You are definitely one of them to which a person always prefer to follow your footprints.

  • The biggest benefit of having a big brother is that for any kind of social problem, one can pursue the best family member on priority as they have the loyalty and experience to resolve. This is what I have the advantage. Happy birthday brother.

  • No matter how much difference we have. How many disagreements and communication gap exists. We are still in heart other each other. It is because we have the same parents. A true relationship can never end. Happy birthday brother.

  • We have a number of friends in life. despite that, I am the luckiest sister that I have received a treasure brother. I wish your upcoming journey will be full of happiness and pleasure.

  • Certain humans are blessed. I am one of them because I have a brother like you who always understand and lives in my heart. Today on your birthday I am sending you the message of love and blessings to live a longer life happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages for Brother

  • I will like to thank my fortunate because I am having an excellent brother who is capable of handling challenges. We never forget what you did for the family your loyalty undoubted. Happy Birthday (bhai or Bhaiya).

Once again, Happy Birthday to little or big brother from our team also.  Your feedback is crucial for us. Do share what you feel about your brother and what's his reaction after receiving wishes, messages or Quotes from you. Share your experience in the comment section.

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