How to Create a WordPress Site Without Hosting?

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There are two possible ways through which you can build up a new WordPress website without hosting. In the first option, you can develop a WordPress website on, and in the second option, create a complete WordPress website on your local computer. It seems to be a difficult task to do so but it actually not.

These two possible methods have their own role. Before explaining everything in detail. It is good to discuss the existing difference between and Users often get confused between these two. These are actually totally two separate platforms with good differences. It is essential to know the difference to climb up the online success ladder properly.

How to Create a WordPress Site Without Hosting

Approximately there are 34% of websites on the internet works on WordPress. WordPress is basically a kind of software or I say a platform firstly and essentially made for blogs that you need to install and run on the server. When it comes to comparing and, these are two different things.

WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org Hosting


In, from this particular website, you can download the WordPress software for free install without paying anything. You can easily manage everything by yourself, everything is totally under your control. You paid for the service, you get a complete service. In this case, you have to organize installation and web hosting by yourself. is free as well as paid. You have to only take care of writing content, and the rest of everything such as backup, updates, etc are done by WordPress. In the free version, you can only use 3 GB of space and a limit of accessing to expand yourself on the internet. As the traffic grows, you will find yourself in a particular box in that case you can upgrade to paid plans.

Of course, you can create a WordPress website without hosting on, but you still limited to only a few features. You are restricting yourself in assessing all SEO plugins and options.

Being serious regarding generating consistent revenue that keeps on rising with time, we personally recommend, for practice purposes or a hobby, it is good to go with Instead, is absolutely remains benefited as everything is under your control with good flexibility.

Building Without Hosting WordPress Site With

Firstly go to by typing into a web browser. You will see a similar interface menu. They have their pricing plans but you need not care about this for the very first time. The itself a self hosted website that provide services to the new customers. They offer a variety of products such as websites,  eCommerce, domains, blogs multiple site support etc.

Wordpress site without hosting

You can also access these features later. Let’s get into the first time by clicking on the start website

When you click on the start new website you will move to the login page, where you can log in with your existing email address or create a new account. You can see in the image, I have login to the WordPress website with my own existing Gmail account.

account creation wordpress

Next, they will ask you to type your domain name. if you have already purchased a domain name, you can type it over here and connected with it. For the time being, for basic understanding, I am just entering a domain name this domain name will act as a subdomain of WordPress. You can see It over here.

Subdomain in free wordpress has allocated me a new subdomain name. Whenever someone type this URL into the web browser, they will easily locate my WordPress website “”. They are giving option to buy other .live, .host, etc domains, but you can leave it. Let’s click on the select option that corresponds to free.

In the next step, they will ask you to choose a plan whether of a personal plan, premium, business, or e-commerce plan. If you are ready to go with, you can select a plan according to the price. To see the recent pricing plans click here.

Pricing Plans for WordPress free hosting

To make a free hosting tutorial, I am right now, clicking on start free website to share the process of creating a WordPress website without hosting. When you log into the screen you will see a similar sort of interface, when you click on the post, you can start writing posts by clicking on the posts.

Free Hosting wordpress Interface

WordPress Site Without Hosting With XAMPP

Another way is constructing a WordPress website by making your own personal PC as a local hosting server. You can install the “XAMPP bitnami” from the official website. I have already made a full tutorial on installing XAMPP on a local computer. You can visit this article to gain everything about it.

The beauty of xampp can never be compared with free plan. You have full use of plugin in the changes maintenance security everything included. But the downside when compare with you cannot make this website live on internet till you purchase a hosting plan.

Rest as I have said to you earlier, you can have a similar interface in just as of WordPress website but the only limitation is- you are using only limited features and working on a subdomain. To have a good impression on the audience, brand exposure, with full access SEO features. You should consider paid plans or purchasing web hosting. Some Good one’s are:

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