Can I build a website with WordPress without a Domain?

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You can build a website with WordPress without a domain on a localhost computer. But, for making it live on the internet, make your’s website a presence worldwide to access from any corner of the world, you have to buy the domain and hosting essentially.

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There are several technical ways for creating a website on a local computer without purchasing a domain and hosting service. The easiest access and to work with is XAMPP. This creates a similar work surrounding, framework, usage, everything same to same as you do on the live website. Even I have created several of my client websites with WordPress in the same way. This is basically an offline process with no worries. This is really a good replacement for those who are not ready to work instantly live.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for me to steal time from my regular schedule. Whenever I receive a project website to construct a new wordpress website. I always start my journey with localhost because I don’t know how much time my website would take depending upon certain criteria.

The WordPress website you are in right now, reading an article is one of the simplest build website WordPress website. It takes 2 days to accomplish it. You may laugh or surprise. The reason because taking so little time, I just want to deliver the real information/content to the new blogging beginners. This is the sole content-based website. Many beginners have several queries to help them the most. I decided to launch simple understandable this blogging expert website. You can ask me any questions through my email address on the contact us page.

Creating WordPress Website On Local Host Computer

For installing XAMPP on your computer to build a good website, you need to check your local computer configuration first whether it is compatible or not. I have downloaded 64 bit as my PC Supports it. You should look at the My Computer properties.

Computer compatibility with XAMPP

When you click on properties, you will find. The screen as below.

system configuration Before Install WordPress Local

Thereafter, you can download from the below-mentioned website Various PHP versions are available you can see them over here 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0. You can download according to your demand and computer configuration just download it and install it.

Xampp to download for wordpress

After installing this software to install WordPress locally. You need to follow certain steps to make the basic settings for this you can watch the video.

This video is all about reaching of final destination as in the screenshot below.

WordPress without a domain on a localhost computer

Moving further, when you design your WordPress as per your requirement offline, you can put it on live internet by shifting all your WordPress website to the live server. You can take full benefit of some good web hosting websites. They are available with some possible payable packages that you need at an initial stage. We personally recommend Bluehost WordPress hosting service with millions of customers and WordPress websites. This service has been serving customers since 2003.

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