How much money can you make with Google AdSense?

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You can easily earn anything from 50 Dollars to 1000+ dollar per day from Google AdSense. To achieve this goal or more, you should have quality traffic with proper strategy implementation.

As Google AdSense is a product of Google. Many million dollars merchant’s run ads on the internet through google. They pay Google for the ads in order to bring service to the public.

Google allows publishers to display ads on their website and in return Google as well as the website owner earn money when somebody clicks on an advertisement.

There are millions of websites on the internet. Out of them, many have good visitor’s everyday.

Here Google is acting as an intermediate. If you have a self-hosted platform like WordPress, the 30% section of the revenue goes to Google, and the rest 70% is yours.

On the other hand, if you are using Google own blogging platform, in this case Google keeps 40%.

Money Through AdSense

There is no hard and fast rule that after how many visits to your website, how much money you can earn through AdSense? It totally relies on the factor that what kind of topic you are writing on.

Making it more clear, generally, medical science-related terms are of high cost per click. It starts at 1 to 2 dollars and easily goes even 50 dollars per click. This means that some visitors visit your website, read your article and click on the advertisement to avail of the service, you will have 70% of the total CPC, and the remaining 30% is in the pocket of Google.

How Much You Can Earn

For example, You have seen many people searching on the internet forhair transplant treatment”. If you write an article on this particular topic. You will find the CPC easily goes around 7 to 10 dollars per click. If you get a good number of clicks from the visitors, you can easily make around $50 per day.

Adsense Earning Proof

On the other hand, sharing my own experience, when I started my first journey with no knowledge, I remember it was the biggest disaster. The reason because I wrote articles on the topic with no CPC. Merchants were not paying for the keyword that I have written for targeting the audience. It was about local poems. You certainly laugh at this moment. I basically have a good knowledge of it but was of no benefit if you don’t convert this into some good money.

I wrote nearly 50 plus articles later found that I am not generating revenue of more than 5 dollars per month. The disappointment was genuine. It is because I wasn’t aware of the fact that you need to care how much keyword is paying to you. If it is nothing, then you should leave that keyword because it does not bring out good money from Google AdSense.

I personally suggest from my own experience, you should look for keyword CPC before writing an article. Go for keyword research you should are plenty of knowledge to write 100 + articles steadily. if you are starting a topic but not having much knowledge it means you end up soon.

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Website speed

Website or blog writers do not care about website speed. It is their mistake. They must be aware of the fact that website speed matters the most while earning money from the Google AdSense.

Google AdSense helps you to earn money by displaying different size ads banners on your website. It is a kind of code that is behind the website when somebody visits your website. The script code runs every time and reduces the website opening time.

Generally, the time should be within 2 to 3 seconds but when you install script code, what happens is it starts taking 10 to 15 seconds to open the website. At that moment, the user doesn’t want to stay for a long time. They press the back button, bounce back, and move to another website.

Then, How you can generate money? if visitors don’t visit your website. They do not see anything within approximate time. This certainly is the loss of revenue through Google AdSense.

For this, you need a fast-loading hosting, that has a good server response. These days Bluehost is providing an excellent service. Not only this but also, they are offering additional features like SSL certificate and more that are playing a vital role in Google ranking today and in the future.

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