How to Earn $1000/m with affiliate marketing: 6 Simple Steps

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most booming industries in the internet world. People do search for plenty of items, helpful guides over the internet every single second. This search is not in thousands but in millions.

In return, they visit a website to have a solution to the problem. At the time, when writing a helpful guide on the website, the writer suggests some of the best possible solutions to the problem with an affiliate link.

As a result, if the user makes a purchase, the writer receives a commission. The commission generally can be anything between 1% do 60% depending upon the type of product you are promoting.

There are several websites that are receiving millions of visitors per month. And conversion rate generally stays around 5%. Teraz, you can easily estimate if one of the websites is receiving 1 million website visitors per month, how much revenue they are generating with affiliate marketing.

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Step By Step Guide to Create an Affiliate Website/Blog

In this helpful guide, we will teach you how to make 1000+ dollars in six simple steps of affiliate marketing.

  1. Buying domain and hosting: Establishing your blog
  2. Finding the most profitable topic: High percentage of commission
  3. Join Affiliate Programs: Amazon, ShareAsale, Commission Junction
  4. Keyword Research: Semrush, KW Finder
  5. Blog Article: Engaging Post content
  6. Doing SEO: On Page, Off Page
  7. Propagácia blogových článkov: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Buying domains and hosting

You can do affiliate marketing even through YouTube, and on different platforms but for earning some seriously good money that grows consistently. I suggest you must have your own blog or website. This makes a huge you never think of it.

At the start of your journey, it is necessary to have a purchase a domain name and hosting. Niekedy, we make a wrong as well as an expensive purchase. But here I would like to recommend to you some of the best web hostings at the beginning of your journey. Práve teraz, they are offering a good discount that proves to be a great deal for you. You can use the coupon code and purchase through us to take benefit of a low price.

Najlepší poskytovatelia hostingu pre WordPress


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Godaddy Hosting

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A domain name can be anything and it should be available. It should be unique that can later be taken as a brand name and I suggest buy dot (.)com rather than any other. It helps you to target internationally.

Setting your blog

Once you purchase web hosting and domain it is time to connect both of them. If you purchase it from the same hosting and domain company then you can do it with a single click otherwise you have to replace the server IP address to make your blog live.

In this article, Here is the tutorial to connect Webhosting with Godaddy domain.

Once you login into your WordPress dashboard. the first step is to setting up your website theme. I always recommend the lightweight fastest thing that is the Astra theme.

nastavenie blogu pre pridružený web

Niektoré z funkcií sú bezplatné, zatiaľ čo iné sú prémiové. Pretože bezplatná verzia affiliate marketingu funguje perfektne, nemusíte siahať po prémiovom nákupe.

Ďalšia vec, Navrhujem vám, aby ste na dobrom affiliate marketingu dávali prednosť svojmu obsahu, a nie dizajnu svojej webovej stránky. Áno, malo by to byť jednoduché, dostatočne rýchle načítanie, ale nie je potrebná žiadna úprava štýlu, atraktívne. Dôvodom je to, že váš obsah sa namiesto dizajnu radí na Google. Search engines like Google always care about the content the most always try to present a helpful guide to users.

Setting of permalink and writing your first blog post

Permalinks are part of SEO so instead of selecting a date I recommend the following setting, which I have done and shown in the picture. najprv, select category thereafter the Url.

Setting Of Permalink

Finding the most profitable affiliate program

It is crucial to look for an opportunity that has a good commission rate and people are searching for a product. Every big company has an affiliate program. Vítajú majiteľov webových stránok, aby sa k nim pripojili k programu a propagovali ich produkt. Autori webových stránok píšu recenziu produktu a vyjadrujú úprimný názor, ktorý čitateľov skutočne presvedčí.

Populárne webové stránky ako Amazon, CJ, zdieľať predaj, radius zásahu sú obľúbené webové stránky, ktoré slúžia ako jedna strecha pre všetky programy pre pobočky.

Po prihlásení sa na ich webovú stránku, nájdete tisíce rôznych pridružených programov, do ktorých sa môžete zapojiť, spolu s mierou ich povolení v histórii, spôsoby propagácie ich produktu, atď.

And I mentioned to you in the first stage of the article that you can good amount of commission given up to 60% depending upon the type of product you are promoting.

Joining affiliate programs

Before joining any programs I recommend you take care of your commission rate. Napríklad, electronic products generally have the lowest commission rate. V tomto prípade, if you promote any electronic product like TV, computer accessories, you will gain a Little amount of commission. Keďže, home and kitchen products have the maximum commission. Suppose I promote a microwave oven that can cost more than $100. If its amazon commission right now is 7% then you can easily imagine how much you can earn after a sale.

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Navyše, you should care of what are the promoting ways -offering coupons to you, different size banners, discount offers, atď.

Keyword Research

For affiliate marketing, you should write the type of content that the user is demanding for.

You have written that article that already has been written by hundreds of websites. A new start of this is of no use for you even you have the right to brilliant helpful content. You will not rank in the first position.

Pre to, you have to go for proper keyword research. Kind of research and an article helpful post that nobody has written before. I basically use tools for doing affiliate marketing. My favorite keyword tool is Semrush. It allows me to find out the most profitable low competition keywords. Low competition keywords list that nobody or only a few websites have written an article on it.

Remember, this is one of the most important aspects. Nenechajte si ujsť tento krok, inak je všetka vaša tvrdá práca zbytočná. Úprimne, Dokonca aj míňam 2 do 3 týždňov, pričom urobíte úplný zoznam 20 + kľúčové slová s nízkou konkurenciou.

Writing helpful Blog posts

V zásade môžete napísať tri typy informačných obsahov, komerčné, a navigačné.

Zo všetkých týchto troch typov obsahu, nájdete najkonkurencieschopnejší obsah v komerčnom type, zatiaľ čo najnižší v informačnom.

Odporúčam vám napísať informatívny obsah namiesto toho, aby ste sa zamerali na komerčný dôvod, pretože ste v začiatočných dňoch. It is difficult to rank by directly jumping into a competition.

Aby bolo jasnejšie, if someone wants to read an article- “how to clean microwave oven at home”. This kind of article is an informational article. During your full helpful guide, you can recommend one or two products that you use for yourself and suggest them to purchase. In return, you will receive a commission.

You should have proper heading tagsstep by step guide with pictures. The more users spend time on your website the more positive signal to achieve higher rankings.


SEO is basically writing helpful content that is understandable to Google and other search engines. You can take the help of Yoast, RankMath WordPress plugins to optimize your article that help you to rank faster.

Navyše, off-page SEO also plays a role. Backlinks are also a part of it. But these days, you can rank your website based on the sole content instead of focusing on off-page SEO.

Promotion of Articles

How you can forget social media. They receiving millions of visitors every single day. You can use Facebook, Instagram, youtube Twitter to share your post.

Skôr, it may be difficult to receive initial clicks but if you stay consistent in posting your articles on your website and on social will update. There will be no longer time to receive website visitors and you start earning with affiliate marketing.


With these 7 simple steps to start your journey. you can rank easily on top if you work properly and have patience with maximum engaging content that user returns back to your website again and again.

The only thing you are left with isyou are waiting to begin. It is a kind of passive income that grows with time never decreases. You cannot underestimate the affiliate marketing earning with the other source is of earning money locally or over the internet.

There are several success stories online internet. You can search on Google. Skôr, they were a common man but they are now entrepreneurs only through affiliate marketing.

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