How much money can you make from a WordPress Blog?

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You can make anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars easily with a WordPress blog. You cannot underestimate revenue generation through it, in fact, you should have the right strategy, techniques for implementation.

No doubt there are several ways to earn money from the internet. You know there are many users are generating revenue from YouTube, freelancing, lwm yam. But sharing my own experience, none of them can compete earning money through WordPress blog.

You can usually find 1000’s of bloggers on the internet, Earlier, they were totally newbies but Nowadays, they are earning around $25,000+ per month very easily. It is equivalent to making money while sleeping.

4 steps That make You Surely successful in making money from a WordPress blog?

There are 4 things you should always care about. Without caring about these things, you cannot gain the early success of making money through a WordPress blog.

SEO Of WordPress Blog Articles

SEO is basically Search Engine Optimisation. It means that you should write your articles that are really according and understandable to search engines like Google Bing etc. It is about delivering the same content as according to what has been asked. You should learn first then implement practically. I also did the same.

It really matters ways of doing on-page SEO and off-page SEO. For on-page SEO, Nowadays there are many free WordPress plugins to optimize your content to rank on google like search engines such as Yoast, rank math these two are leading nowadays.

To add on, Off page SEO really matters a lot it is defined as gaining website authority through linking back to your website by several authoritative websites. But we are living in 21 century Google has advanced enough with its own technology, and knows what is relevant or irrelevant. Having a new website and building up its value through backlinks at once is very difficult. Many may claims it is possible actually not. They use blackhat techniques to build up the reputation at once. Search engine updates are very frequent these days ,these wrong techniques will not going to help you.

Even I have started a new website 3 months back. I have not made a single backlink. I have written 25 articles each one of 2500 words. Out of 25 articles, 5 articles are ranking in the top one position. This is really great at the initial stage.

Why I am not dependent upon backlinks?

It is because Google has 200 plus ranking signals. If you are providing relevant information with proper on-page SEO, and surely low competition keywords, this certainly position’s you to good. You will be the same as me. Your WordPress blog rank and you can easily start earning within 3 to 4 months.

Game Changer Topic you are Writing

Niche basically a topic you are going to write about. It can be anything education, technology and gadgets, fashion life hacks, home decor etc. If you become expertise in SEO, thereafter you need to look at the profitable topic that can earn good revenue for you.

You can never overlook this aspect. I have seen many successful and failed episodes because of niche. This is equally important as you do SEO to write an article. I personally recommend you to look at certain criteria in finding the niche.

Firstly, your topic should have a good search volume, users search for variety of keywords. Secondly, you should have a plenty of knowledge regarding it. Lastlylook at the value of that keyword.

For example -At the very first stage, I started my blogging journey with local language poems. I was also having huge information regarding it. People were also searching for various types of poems. But what about its value. It does not have good revenue-generating prospects. I remember I wrote 50 plus articles, later gain a very low few dollars. Among 50 articles, 25 + articles world ranking in the top 5 positions. The website had good SEO but of no use. If it is not generating revenue for me. Later I dropped it out. At that time practically, I understand Niche matters a lot.

I personally recommend you to go for the technology Niche. These days, this will return to you are huge. The one thing you should consider is the cost per click I mean CPC of that keyword. It should be around 5 to $10 dollars. Later, you can do affiliate marketing and go along it to boost up the revenue.

Low competing keywords

When it comes to low competition keywords, find a minimum of 25 to 30 words before starting writing a blog. Keywords that nobody has written articles about it. Why I am saying that nobody has written about it. The reason because you are at the beginning stage, as you grow your website, then you start targeting keywords of your competitors. This is the third criteria that is equally important as selecting niche as well as doing required SEO.

Ads vs affiliate marketing

When somebody starts getting traffic on the website. One becomes curious to monetize a website through ads or affiliate marketing. These are the two most popular ways through which people generate revenue. If you are more focusing on ads. I personally recommend getting approval from Google AdSense but should not use Google ads on your website. These days new websites are getting few pennies. When you gain a substantial amount of traffic on your website instead of AdSense you should go for Ezoic or Mediavine. These two are popular platforms nowadays. This will return the real value of your hard work. I have seen many success stories that are earning thousands of dollars with only ads serving.

Apart from this, for new websites, I personally feel to kick start their journey within affiliate marketing rather than focusing on ads only. This will reduce your hard work when you start seeing some revenue you automatically get motivated and work more to gain more. You can see some here the best WordPress hosting services here

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Conclusion -making money from a WordPress Blog?

One thing I want to clear here, Blogging with wordpress is something no doubt takes time 7 months to 9 months to see results but once you started earning money, it will keep on growing and this never ends. Overall, it is a never-ending process.

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