Can You do affiliate marketing along with AdSense?

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You can definitely use affiliate marketing along with AdSense together on your blog or a website. It is a great way to improve monetize your blog. You are taking advantage of both, getting a commission by promoting your own or other people’s product as well as earn money by displaying different banner size ads.

Google officially allows you to insert your product promotion links along with display ads. Here is the screenshot.

AdSense and Amazon affiliate ads on same website

Sharing my own experience, when is started my blog a long time back, I only limit myself to AdSense only. With the passage of time, as I improved my knowledge and getting better in the blogging field.

Soon I realize, you can make money through AdSense to a huge 5000+ dollars per month if you have millions of quality traffic and it should be from the US, UK, Canada like countries.

As I was at the initial stage, it was quite difficult to achieve such a high number of visitors.

AdSense and Amazon, other affiliate ads on the same Webpage

At that time I begin looking at other options to improve my blogging earnings. There I found an official Google help page explaining the permission of affiliate marketing together with AdSense is no such violation of policy no matter whether working with amazon or other affiliates.

After that, I instantly sign up for amazon’s affiliate program. At that time my blog was only attaining a limited number of visitors that is certainly unacceptable to earn handsome earning from AdSense.

Even here, I personally suggest you if you are a beginner in this bogging field, instead of focusing more on AdSense, you should begin with affiliate marketing. Neeg yuam kev, join AdSense after many months when you start getting a substantial number of visitors.

Adsense With Affiliate

You cannot compare affiliate earning with AdSense. Affiliate marketing is the booming industry that allows you to earn 1000 + dollars easily you will with a little amount of traffic. Here is my personal proof of earning money only with 100 plus traffic per day.

Adsense and amazon affiliate

You will be surprised to know that if only a hundred visitors per month visit my website while there is no such chance to earn even $70 per month through AdSense.

Tiam sis, It is a wise decision to gain approval of AdSense and do affiliate marketing along with it. Because you are not losing anything instead you are gaining more dollars. No matter whether it is few or several.

Another thing you should consider over here is your website speed. You must not put your website slow. On adding up extra JavaScript AdSense codes as well as if any affiliate marketing product HTML code, both of them increase website opening time. This certainly harms you. Website speed now a days one of the Google ranking factor you should be aware of.

Affiliate Marketing and Other Ad Networks -AdSense Alternative

Today’s AdSense is never like earlier years, you have to put a lot of hard work into earning good revenue on monthly basis. Google AdSense is a product of Google. It has become so smart that it needs a lot of effort and in return, you will not achieve a hundred percent presently.

What is happening around it? Well, explanations are many but here I personally suggest you sign up for Ezoic.

Ezoic is one of the similar platforms to AdSense that use its smart artificial intelligence technology to display AdSense code. For getting approval from the Ezoic you must follow all the policies of AdSense and have the approval of it. if you have then you are automatically eligible for Ezoic ads.

So what’s the difference between EZOIC and AdSense earning, let me clarify with an example. Suppose if you are getting 2000 page views from the United States, in the case of AdSense, you will only our nearly about $5 per thousand views whereas if you have implemented Ezoic ads on your website you will nearly have 10 ntsaub 12 dollars may be more than that very easily.

If you become successful in driving 50000 visitors to 100000 page views per month then you can easily move to more improved platforms like media vine or Adthrive. These two other platforms are really e beyond your expectations.

To Sum Up

Overall, it’s appreciable if you making a way to earn money both from AdSense as well as through affiliate marketing. You can run it on a blog or website without any violation. Along with it, you should also consider AdSense alternatives like Ezoic, media vine and ad thrive, lwm yam. This will prove to be more profitable and never disappoints you.

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