Do WordPress Plugins Cost Money?

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WordPress is an extensively used platform on the Internet nearly 41% of the users build up their website on WordPress. It is free, open-source, and has huge flexibility. You can extend you are desired approach with plenty of customization options through plugins.

WordPress plugins are free with limited features. They cost you money to take advantage of full features. The payment can be one-time or recurring based on the service you are achieving.

Plugins are the section of a WordPress Platform. WordPress itself a free software that allows you to create websites and blogs you want to. You can easily edit, add lines of codes, repackage, sell and distribute as it is open-source free software under a general public license. It means there is no restriction to do such kind of service. However, clients pay a developer for adding a code and to improve the customization as demanded.

WordPress plugins cost money

In addition to this, WordPress plugins are also a piece of coding lines, that act as an extension of features. I always suggest my client pay for premium features of plugins to enhance the functionality. Being not a PHP coding developer, I always take the help of plugins.

Whenever I build up a website for my client, I always consider building up a fully customized website with the help of free plugins. I never try to increase their spending. Sometimes, the case happens when some of my clients need advanced featured professional websites. This desire insists me to go for premium features.

Likewise, a few months back I purchased theElementor pro plugin“. This plugin is now a day has gained huge popularity. the advantage of this plugin is to automatically add lines of code at the backend. With this plugin, add drag and drop feature allow me to develop within few days. ThisElementor proplugin costs me 1000 plus Dollars per year recurring.

Free and Freemium WordPress plugins

Freemium plugins are just like an ice cream taste. You cannot get the required scoop. But you can easily know how that particular WordPress plugin works, how it will be helpful if you continue with their service?

If you are an individual beginner, I personally don’t you to go for a premium plugin at an initial stage. You should develop a website with essential features instead of building up to a professional level. As you grow with your business purchasing a premium plugin will be like a piece of cake.

Apart from this I personally recommend you do not download premium plugins unethically. As I said to you earlier, they are developed under a general public licence. It means anyone can add lines of code to it, repackage and upload it on the internet labelling free.

The downside of downloading it illegally is that they have a piece of code that can easily be tracked and can hack your website easily at a later stage. Hack means detecting their self-written piece of code. They know a way to crack that code and get access to the website. This really becomes a disappointment for you. We personally suggest you download plugins from the official WordPress repository.

Overall, Some WordPress plugins cost you money, there are thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository. You can easily find an alternative one or another. If someone costs you, it doesn’t mean that an alternative plugin developer doing so. Above all, plugins cost you money monthly, yearly one-time, or on a recurring basis, it totally depends upon your requirement how you go with it.

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