Can I Buy domain from Godaddy and Host on WIX?

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You can easily connect your purchased Godaddy domain with the Wix hosting. The most prominent benefit of connecting the Godaddy domain to your Wix website when comparing with others, it automatically appears or looks more professional. It brings serious behavior like an actual business.

The another reason why people buy WIX service is– it is is equipped with powerful tools and with simple drag drop interface. This helps you to stay away from coding troubles and really a blessing for beginners.

When it comes to expenditure, the cost you are going to pay for the development of website it totally depends on your goal and need. Wix offers you premium plans with different storage capacity, bandwidth and the availability of features. You can easily go with monthly or yearly plan. As according to me, the best value plan of weeks is unlimited plan that is 12.50 dollar per month.

Connect Domain With Goddady with Wix

For connecting the domain purchased from Godaddy with the Wix platform, you need to follow certain steps. Do the steps as it is. I have them mentioned with images. One thing to be noted over here, it works for Premium Plans only.

Login To Wix Account

I have already signed in to my Wix account and showing you to connect your existing GoDaddy domain. You see the same interface when you click on the Dashboard.


Wix Account Settings

The next is to click on your profile icon right at the Top. On clicking you see the Domain, you can click upright –> choose domains. This action will lead you to the same page as the domain name section.


Connecting Godaddy

Let’s click connect domain. “Connect a domain you already own”. I click next. I verify that the domain is from Godaddy.



Godaddy Account

I have already sign in to my GoDaddy account. I click my products. Scroll down, manage all since I have many domains. Click Manage All–> to reach the domain manager.


Click further manage DNS in order to reach the similar interface we mentioned in this image below.


Changing Name Servers


This is the way to change name servers. I click change, enter my own nameservers, add only the nameservers from WIX.

updating Godaddy domain name servers with new addresses

I scroll down here and I will find the nameservers. Look like that.

adding Name servers Godaddy

Copy the first and the second Wix Name servers and then save. Yes I consent.


The process will not be instant, wait and verify the connection.


Wix and Godaddy Connection

Wix can take few seconds to minutes to give you final message like this.


I remember, I received a message that I need to wait up to 48 hours. I had not received anything within 48 hours. But I received.

To summarize, if you are looking to start particularly your blogging journey and want to adopt it as a purpose to earn money in the long run. We personally feel WIX blogs are basic. There is a need to work in adding up the important features keeping a professional viewpoint. If you are planning to go with the blogging profession, then WIX is not for you. It is far away from WordPress. Rest everything works with excellent.

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