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Tha cruthachadh làrach-lìn blog gu math furasta. Tha blogadh mar aon de sheòrsa làrach-lìn a tha gu sònraichte ag amas air sgrìobhadh susbaint. Am fiosrachadh nas luachmhoire a bheir thu seachad don luchd-cleachdaidh a thilleas iad air ais chun làrach-lìn agad gus na h-artaigilean a leughadh.

Ann an cànan nas fharsainge, tha sinn air artaigilean naidheachdan fhaicinn, fiosrachadh mu dhaoine ainmeil agus na h-ùrachaidhean cunbhalach aca, msaa tha iad uile nam pàirt de bhlogadh.

Bidh blogairean gu bunaiteach a ’sgrìobhadh fiosrachadh fìrinneach còmhla ris an t-sealladh aca fhèin air na tha ceàrr agus ceart mu rud sònraichte. Mar eisimpleir, tha àrdachadh agus duilgheadasan ann am fòn ubhal a chaidh a chuir air bhog o chionn ghoirid.

Artaigil blog as urrainn dhuinn sgrìobhadh mu choileanadh fòn, feartan, agus measadh agus deasbad sa phost bhlog. Tha seo gu bunaiteach a ’cuideachadh luchd-cleachdaidh earbsa a bhith aca agus mar thoradh air an sin, bidh an luchd-leughaidh a ’sgrìobhadh am beachdan anns an earrann bheachdan a tha gu furasta a’ dèanamh ceangal eadar an dà sgrìobhadair a bharrachd air luchd-leughaidh.

Is e còmhradh agus eadar-obrachadh a tha seo, roinneadh bheachdan a thig gu bhith na dhòigh air airgead mòr a chosnadh a-mhàin ma tha luchd-leughaidh a ’nochdadh an ùidh agus an sàsachadh fiosrachadh dìleas le stiùireadh ceart.

Mar a tha thu faicinn, Tha an artaigil a tha thu a ’leughadh na artaigil blog air an làrach-lìn seo. All articles on our website at providing valuable fruitful information to our blog readers. We are helping the community by sharing genuine ways to earn money online. This protects them from any sort of disappointment.

I do not feel ashamed to say, during the beginning of my blogging journey, I made tons of mistakes. At that time, I was totally new. I do not lose myself, with more than seven years of experience in the blogging journey, I have the benefit to guide you properly for not repeating the mistakes. The only thing is you have to read this article properly.

In this guide, you will end up with a proper procedure to start a blog quickly and easily.

6 Easy Steps to Create Your Blog Website

There are the top 6 steps you need to follow before start your blog.

  • Pick Blog Name: First of all, you have to pick the blog name.
  • Buy Domain and Hosting: Make your blog available online.
  • Setting up your blog: Blog Customization.
  • Writing Your Blog Post: A great fun to write experience
  • Promotion of Blog: Sharing on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Earn Money Through Blogging: Affliate, Adverstisement.

Let’s start your blog

Ceum 1: selecting your blog name

This is the name that is equivalent to the address of your house. If the reader types the name in the web browser, this will open a blog website. I personally recommend you to have a blog name with the concerned topic.

Mar a thuirt mi riut na bu thràithe, it is similar to your shop name. There are certain criteria behind selecting your blog name. Here is one suggestion you should always go with .com. The reason why .com is generally trustworthy worldwide. It is basically used for commercial purposes.

A bharrachd air an seo, you should write a blog that you have practical experience in life. I personally feel you should have plenty of content.

You can write your 100 gu 200 blog post very easily. Ach, if you are writing a topic that you are not aware of this will surely end up after writing 50 gu 60 artaigilean.

Mar eisimpleir, I recently helped my teacher friend who is having good knowledge of physics. He wanted to launch their blog a month back and was interested in writing electronic gadgets. I gave him the recommendation to write about physics as you have in-depth knowledge.

A good way to help people with a similar situation your students face you see while teaching your students.

We had a great discussion, San aon dòigh, you should also write a blog about your life experience it is always good to go with hobbies, passion or profession.

Ceum 2: Make Blog Available Online

The second step is to make your blog available online. This can be done if you register it properly with the hosting package.

The another step is making your blog available online. It means if somebody searches your blog content by typing your blog name in the browser. Your blog must appear. For doing it you have to buy hosting. These days some good offers are going on that will reduce your hosting cost drastically.

I personally recommend you not to pay a domain name cost as well as hosting cost separately. This will increase the overall blog website cost.

Instead of this, some hosting companies like Bluehost help you to provide hosting service with a free domain name. Other websites services allow you to build up your blog at a decreased cost. we have mentioned them below in the table.

Solaraichean aoigheachd lìn WordPress as fheàrr

Toiseach tòiseachaidh

BlueHost as fheàrr airson aoigheachd tòiseachaidh Wordpress

Aoigheachd Godaddy

50% dheth cPanel Hosting le GoDaddy!

Roghainn aig prìs ruigsinneach (Fearann ​​.COM an-asgaidh & Suas gu 50% Air falbh air aoigheachd)

(Còd Cleachd:- SUNSHINE)

Hostinger Ìosal-Cosgais Co-roinnte a 'toirt aoigheachd roghainn (Suas gu 84% Planaichean aoigheachd co-roinnte OFF Premium )

(Còd Cleachd:- PREMIUM8 )

Ainmich tairgsean bundle saor: Sàbhail suas ri 86% air Fearann & Bundle aoigheachd co-roinnte

Ceum 3: Blog Customisation: Settings

The third step, you to customize your website. Customization involves setting a fast-loading theme, website layout, font size, etc basic features.

This basically includes deciding a good template. All about the presentation of your web content that engages, properly looks, is neat, nice, and interesting.

Ceum: 4 Writing First Blog Post

After setting up your basic website, it’s time to write some good blog posts.

Writing your first blog post. I think it is a great way to share your own thoughts with the world. I mostly enjoy this part as you are sharing your own experience of what you have attained in your life.

The helpful blog post that people are searching their problem and you have plenty of knowledge about it. Airson seo, I generally take the help of Google to autocomplete as well as some SEO tools. When we combine and evaluate both of the search terms with an approximate volume of people searching. This basically motivates me more to write an article with an assumption of people who will read this particular post

Here I would like to give a pro tip to you. You must write your article with proper on-page SEO techniques. Is e an adhbhar– it helps Google to understand you are content more closely and properly. No doubt that Google has improved its self a lot. With new innovation techniques, they are capable of understanding the content you are writing.

Ceum 5: A ’brosnachadh artaigilean blog

The next step is the promotion of blog posts. The most prominent platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all these platforms have millions of traffic.

This is basically a part of marketing that surely you need. At the first launch of your blog post, it takes a lot of time to let people know who you are and what is your blog about. Anns a ’chùis seo, you can go buy yourself tell readers what is your blog? What kind of content you are writing? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram these days are the popular ways to do a good marketing

During the start of my first blog journey, when I wrote the article at that time, I shared my blog post with the relevant Facebook group. This helps me to drive traffic to my website.

A bharrachd air an seo, on Twitter, you can take the benefit of hashtags. On Instagram, you can promote yourself with a website blog brand name. Make short videos for the Instagram posts that force them and write something entice that pushes people to type your blog name on Google to find out where you are located and show the desire to read your content as much as they can.

Ceum 6 : Blog Monetization: Earn Money

When your blogging content becomes popular among the audience. You have several ways to monetize it. Depending upon the topic, you are writing you have to pick the best way to monetize and earn money through your readers.

A-nis, when it comes to monetization of your website. Honestly, monetization relies on the kind of website you are driving. Mar eisimpleir, if I am writing about beauty creams. In my blog post, sa chùis seo, I have the opportunity to recommend some of amazon’s products for the international audience.

When I keep on writing the article, I will share my own experience some good advice along with the product I am using.

When the product you have mentioned get purchased with the Amazon affiliate link, this will in return give you some good commission.

Air an làimh eile, the implementation of affiliate is not essential implemented in every topic. An-diugh, you cannot limit yourself to AdSense only. there are several popular media advertising platforms like mediavine, Ezoic that surely help you to earn 1000 + dollars only with the advertisement.

I have earlier this article discussed my friend who is running an educational website that is strictly monetized with the advertisements and he is earning some good revenue from his passion.

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Uile gu lèir, tha tòiseachadh air blog na làithean seo air leth luachmhor. faodaidh tu rud sam bith anns a bheil ùidh agad a sgrìobhadh. cha leig thu leas thu fhèin a chuingealachadh ri sgìre sònraichte. is e an rud gu bheil thu a ’roinn an eòlas leis an luchd-èisteachd agus air ais, tha thu a ’faighinn airgead bhuaithe.

Na tha feadhainn eile a ’leughadh?


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