Can Student Earn Money Online?

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There are quite a number of ways through which students can make money online easily. This money can be taken as an extra earning hand. Practically, thousands of successful students examples are available who earn so good and they started this online earning journey without any investment.

I am also one of those. Right now, my sole household expenditure relies on this online earning and it works for the last many years. The only thing I had was good learning and practice simultaneously at an early stage. If you want to earn really good, not just a few hundred dollars but in thousands, I personally suggest first learn, grasp how to act accordingly, then you relish online money earning while sleeping.

I have seen many other students in my life who early started doing online journeys as a part-time hobby during weekends. They learned, and practice. I was the same. After that when they started earning handsome within a few months, they were earning more than an average job employee. Even working professionals leave their existing job and make themselves fully dependent on joining online earning platforms. They work wisely and spend not even a single penny. 
I have experienced making money online is not an uphill task. It is a unique tricky way.  You must understand everything precisely before getting into work. Summing up, it is a good path to make money online fast without compelling paying anything. 

how to earn money online without investment for students

You can pursue any of the following brilliant ways to earn a huge amount of money. These ways of earning are never going to halt as Internet technology is running at its own pace and people around the world are accepting it happily. Here multiple platforms are available through which you can generate huge revenue.

1. Freelancing

This is a quite popular way among students who earn money online. Many websites act as intermediate. They become a medium that helps you give work.  

There is no need to give money to create an account and alluring customers to give you work. 

People create an account on those websites describing skills they have. More you have points and positive customer feedback with the passage of time, more you achieve work.

You just need to describe yourself in a good way that directly influences people which results in to gain work. Show them with the samples of your work and skill set.

The tasks offered by these websites are known as freelance tasks.

One thing should be bear in mind that you will get paid after the client’s approval. The success rate directly depends on your honesty.

Students earn money anywhere between $5 and more than $100 with the help of these websites. 

The following few websites you can take a look at them.


  • Look at the Top-rated accounts Initially to Improve visibility SEO. How they define their services. What they offer to the customer? then pursue accordingly patiently. This is the best way to kick starts to earn money online.


This is another best way to earn money online. Many websites and even Google also gives you a chance to earn a handsome amount of money online without any investment through Adsense.
People love to work with Google as it is most trusted by users. It gives even a free platform to earn a good amount of money. All you need to sign in to, select a good niche and start writing. I suggest you write that content in which you have plenty of knowledge.

To write your website content, you can take other similar sites as a reference. This helps you to generate highly valuable unique content. Focus on engaging content.

There are also many trusted blogger websites available apart from google’s Blogspot.

  • WordPress blog
  • Tumblr

and many more…


To generate early income, focus on keyword research as it plays an 80% role in your success.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are concerned with making money online, then how you can neglect Affiliate Marketing. It is the Marketing of the product. For this, you have to start your website. 

Many companies are ready to give you a commission of their every sale. Taking an example of 

  • All you need to sign in to affiliate associates amazon. 
  • Select the product you want to sell. 
  • Amazon allows you to embed the product link on your website or blog.
  • When visitors visit to from your provided link. if he or she goes for an item purchased. Then you will earn a commission for that sale.

Not only amazon but also many websites like gives you a huge commission.
Think like a customer to pick the product for sale. 


If you are not good in writing skills. You can opt youtube platform. Deliver good updated engaging content through videos. This helps the audience to stick to your channel. Select a good niche and start uploading meaningful videos. For example, “5 minutes craft” channel teaches people new ways. People find this channel most interesting. Thus, readily subscribe and eagerly wait for new videos. In the background, this channel is generating good revenue.

Content Writing

If you are good at delivering the quality content to the website. This is a good opportunity to join in. You can charge money for writing certain number of words. For example, for 300 words you can charge $5 to $6 dollars depending upon your quality article.

Students charge variably within $5 to $20 considering certain guidelines. I my view, the best and easy to way to search such work locally is through Facebook groups. 

Data entry Work

If you are good at typing speed. Type words in computer swiftly. You need to have good internet speed and a computer. Plenty of entry jobs available in India. Freelancing websites helps you to give such work. Students can earn online between $5 to $30.

These are the best possible working methods that never let you down and bring good earnings if you work consistently. This is all about the answer to the question of Can Student Earn Money Online.

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