What to do after buying a domain name from GoDaddy?

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After purchasing the desired domain name from GoDaddy you can use it in several ways. The ways I am discussing are opted by the professionals to build up their brand. I remember, when I purchased the domain name for the very first time I was having a similar question. Out of several ways a few best possible options, I am going to explain it over here.

Connect Domain and Hosting

The first and foremost way is connecting domain with hosting. It is a great method to make full use of the domain.

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Further, you have to decide for what purpose you want to use that domain and hosting whether you are a single person or a company.

Where you want to serve the audiences with an online presence– local or targeting internationally.

Local business-

If you run a local business, online presence matters a lot. Many surveys confirm that new customers search over the internet first instead of asking others for a particular service. It is a great way to make yourself available anytime anywhere. You are not approaching customers instead customers are finding you.

Nowadays, everybody expects a good reputation and this can be easily impacted by an online presence. With a connection, Facebook, Twitter-like pages help them to stay updated. Potential customers would like to contact through telephone number or reach out with proper physical address.

International targeting

There is a huge market at an international level. Several billion-dollar companies are investing in this online business. You can earn good revenue with the help of having your own website or a blog. Which some good SEO techniques you can make the money while you are sleeping.

Starting a blog or a website is not a big deal it hardly takes 10 to 20 minutes to take an initial start. You have to deliver the content people searching for. For example, if you are a chemistry teacher. People often search for chemistry-related questions. You can easily answer those questions. If they are quite helpful to the audience then search engines like Google Bing etc. allocate some good position which brings the audience to your website and you can monetize your website at that moment.

There are few popular ways. You can offer then a chemistry teacher service in exchange for money, you also have an option to sell your own courses at that moment, you can ask them for donations or you can also avail other possible methods of earning a commission from Amazon like websites by referring them some good books.

This one is the only example that explains few great ways to earn money by targeting an international audience. Several other ways can never be refused you can read it over here.

You can fix the price before giving them any service.

Yes, it’s true it’s not an early rich scheme. But it is quite fruitful we believe than any other profession. Just like other ways it needs an investment of time as well as few dollars.

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Domain Name with Own Email Address

I have been running few websites and these websites are brand nowadays. It is quite crucial to have a business email rather than adopting generic emails like Gmail.com, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

When you have a specific number of customers that really rely on and trust your email account. You need an email address. This helps you to achieve more professionalism and delivers the good credability you need. Instead of having example.gmail.com, it is good to have example@yourname.com 

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