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A domain name is basically the address that helps people to locate you. For this, you certainly need a domain name for your blog. Yes, It can be anything. You can name it from your nickname, professional company name, etc. It is important for small as well as large scale. It is the initial stage of making an online presence. The right strategy with a good domain name together creates a strong image among the audience.

Not only this but also, if you gain followers later, reader loves your blog content then, it becomes easy for them to remember the name of your domain every time they visit. You can turn it into a brand later and earn good money like –Neil Patel.

Let me explain more with the regular life example. For a person, it is easy to reach your home if know where you live with the proper house number and address. if the house address and the number are not available, then how someone reaches your home. Similar is the case of the domain name.

Furthermore, many of the users also ask is it possible to drive a blog with only a domain name without the help of hosting? Again no. Why? you definitely need a hosting to keep your content on this server.

A server is basically a place that saves your data the content you right on the blog or a website. When somebody types your blog/domain name in the web browser, your hosting service takes the files from the server and presents them in front of the user. The platform where outside users interact with- is the domain.

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For example- As we stated earlier, your house has a specific address and has a good space to live in and to keep the items. Similarly hosting is a space, that keeps your blog articles safely and this function is done with the help of servers.

So once again exactly, you need domain name for blog.

  • It is the first step to build an online presence.
  • It helps users to locate and remember your blog address easily.
  • Brings professional identification among other blogs.
  • You can turn your domain into a brand later and earn good revenue.

Which Domain Name Should I buy For My Blog?

Having an own domain name makes you more professional among other competitor blogs in the market. A particular unique domain name helps you claiming copyright, It builds up more credibility improves brand awareness. A pathway that helps customers to visit your website. So, you should have a good domain name for your blog.

There are no specific rules, before buying a domain name. But personally recommend, it’s good to select a domain according to the topic/niche, you are going after. Blog writers generally pick a short unique domain name or a humorous one.

In the beginning, you may find finding a blog name a little bit stressful. It’s hard to find the suitable one because every day thousands of domain names in newly registered in the market. You have to have to be creative. You to decide, whether you are after a particular country or want to target worldwide. If you are a country-specific blogger, we recommend going after a country-level domain.

For targeting an audience at an international level, you should go with .com. this brings worldwide identification. This is regarded as a top-level domain.

If you want to serve only a specific set of audiences, then you should buy a country-level domain. Making it more clear, For writing a blog only for the Indian audience, you have a choice to buy if you are focusing on the United kingdom, want to proceed and serve users of the UK only. To gain early push go for the domain.

Similarly, for Australian audience, the country has its own domain name. These are called secondary-level domains. All in all, it depends upon your nature of work.

For educational purposes, the .edu domain can be used.

You can visit to take the sample help.

The reason because when you go for a search, you will find hundreds of domain extensions such as .com,.biz,.pizza, etc.

domain name extensions SEO

In addition to this, .com,. net, .org broaden your horizons. It really expands your reach. yes, no doubt you have to pay a little bit more than the other extension but still worth it. These are regarded as the top-level domain (TLD) in the market of the worldwide web.  For good branding, we recommend going for the .com extension.

To help you most some certain things you should care of before getting started with a good domain name this really helps you a lot.

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Domain vs Subdomain

Some new beginners, do not know so domain importance. They compromise with the subdomain. A subdomain is a Child of a primary domain. Which majority of blog readers do not have faith in. For example- Blogspot is a blog platform run by Google itself. You can write blog content every day with simple signup and rank on Google with SEO, but when it comes to claiming unique credibility, the brand exposure you left behind. Instead of having a domain like, you work with, what is happening in this case you are promoting your unique content with another platform’s credibility.

 Not only this but also users most of the time trust .com-like platforms. Tend to click more on rather than name

In addition to this,  if you have a mindset to work occasionally, take blogging as a hobby then is best to work with. It also allows you to connect your custom .com domain easily. We mean that on the front end you have an own claiming .com domain, and in the back and you work on the Blogspot interface. 

Many other platforms like Weebly, Tumblr,, serve users the same way Google does.

Rankings with domain name?

New beginners have a believe that the Blogspot domain is a Google product. Google gives more preference in search engine ranking if they choose but that’s not true. It works to bring the best content to the user how is searching with a particular query. No matter whether which platform you are working with.

Moving further, working under someone custody, always have limitation. You do not get full control as it is someone’s product. You don’t have many customization features as you to gain in your own purchased domain and hosting space a platform.

Making it more clear, is a Google product, no doubt you can attach your own custom domain,  but you are using the hosting space of Google to preserve your content. They have the right to delete the blog you have created. Keeping future predictions on priority, you don’t have total control over your blog. Violating Blogspot terms and condition harms you. 

In addition to this, with an idea to generate revenue from the blog on a long-term basis, the WordPress platform is good. Own purchased domain and hosting good to go for you. It gives you total control, design the website with your own idea. An Easy Way to use for personal as well as professional purposes. You can expand the functionality of your website to the next level by activating plugins in it.

Keyword in the blog domain name.

You can not overlook the importance of keyword in the domain name. Having a keyword in the domain name helps search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex and others to know about the blog is about. A good combination of quality content and a blog will help you to gain good ranking in the search engine.

Short names in domain.

Lengthy names often seems to be unprofessional and tough to remember. Try to use the tricks while picking up small names. Readers always try to escape typing longer names in browsers. This is the reason why, it’s always good for short names.

 The trick we use in in gaining success for short names is- combining English name with local language short word.

Unique and branded

You should care of the fact that never use some brand name in your domain. For example- Amazon is an online shopping store and its name is a brand. While picking up a domain you should not use the “Amazon” word in your domain name. This becomes a copyright issue when you gain popularity. Instead of using some one brand name try catchy and memorable.

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