Can You Make a Website Without Buying a Domain?

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Domain names are equivalent to house addresses. Just as house address is important for any sort of communication by any means. The same in the case of domains. With an accurate and complete address, some can easily meet you at your’s home. Similarly, there are countless Computer IP addresses. Huge Computer and Internet world has the particular IP address to find your website. One specific IP address is associated with your purchased domain. With a domain name, internet users easily visit to your website gain the provided information.

Can you make a website without buying a domain?

You cannot build a live website without buying a domain but with a subdomain, you can easily make it. Own a website with a purchased hosting service and domain really makes you independent while comparing with a subdomain. In subdomains, you cannot refuse limited access to the certain essential features you certainly need and you can work under somebody’s total control.

Internet is a huge market, having your own purchased domain brings brand value whereas if you go with a subdomain, you are promoting someone else. You may fail to bring credibility as you do in your own domains.

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Do you have to buy a domain name to have a website?

You decide whether you are running a company, or a single person working from home or office. You have to have a domain name to have a website to well establish yourself and your company, on the worldwide platform. Not only this but also, there is a huge million-plus dollars internet market. Later, if you wish you can easily gain some good revenue with own separate brand value and name.

Whereas if you are a single person or two and want to pursue all this as a passion. You are not much serious about this. Then we recommend purchasing subdomain and host on huge platforms like,, Out of all these, the website is the best than other. However, if you are a blogger, write blogs to delivers information to the internet users that lag behind Blogspot as well as WordPress.

How to get a free domain?

When you go for building up the website for the very first time, you will notice certain pricing plans for each of the companies. These pricing plans are different for different times of the year. Apart from this normally, they also charge additional for registering domain names.

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