Can I buy a domain name and use it Anywhere

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Yes, you can purchase a domain name from anywhere without any restriction and host them to desired hosting platform always. For example, if you purchase a domain name from GoDaddy you have an option to select a hosting company of your choice like Bluehost or others.

Can I buy a domain and host it somewhere else?

The domain name is basically the address and hosting is a space where you store your content. You can buy both of them from different companies. To connect your domain name and hosting together to make your website live on the internet, you have to change the DNS settings. It is not a difficult task to connect them both.

However, if you buy both hosting as well as domain name from the same company you do not have to change the DNS settings. DNS settings are basically values that tells and point where your data and files are stored.

Some of the popular domain offering services are godaddy,, namecheap.

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Here is the tutorial on Connecting Wix with Godaddy in this article.

Can I Move the domain to another platform?

When you pay for an item you have a sole hold on it. Similarly, in the case of domain also. You have paid for it. You have a total right to shift it to anywhere you want to. You can easily transfer with step-by-step instructions provided by each of the companies separately. One thing you should remember that to wait for a minimum of 45 days to initiate the process of transferring. ICANN requires 1 year renewal period before that period doing it so you lose the renewal fee.

Is it possible to move a hosting without changing the domain?

move a hosting without changing the domain

Yes, you can. If you are not happy with the hosting provider. You can easily transfer to another company without changing the domain. You should stop paying to the already serving hosting provider and start taking service from a new one. Migrate all your data and files by taking backup and restore to a new one. 

For example, you are taking both of the services from GoDaddy hosting as well as a domain name But you are not retrieving adequate service with GoDaddy hosting, you find it not appropriate in serving the audience. You can transfer all your files, to Bluehost and make your website live with simple DNS value changing.

The domain name and hosting both are equivalent as a house address and a living space where users find you and your blog through the internet. It is your choice where you want to construct and name your house. Similarly, in the world wide web www, you have a choice to fully customize your domain name and hosting settings you can use them anywhere you want to.

When an anonymous user types your domain name in a browser such as chrome etc. Your domain name translated into IP address. This IP address is the address where you are hosting platform has stored your files and data. 

Without the domain name, it is not easy for or the audience to find your website. An IP address is basically a combination of digits and dots. There are millions of billions of IPs registered over the internet. It is not so easy to remember them each IP address is associated with the domain name. Similarly, you cannot build up your website without hosting. This is the reason why top-level companies offered this service.

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