Best Mattress For Heavy Stomach Sleepers

If you are here in search of the Best Mattress For Heavy Stomach Sleepers, then you are at the right place. There is no need to go anywhere else. This article completely guides you on the right track. To start with, It is very essential to have the right type of mattress for any sleeping position. Two things must be considered while picking a good mattress. The first one is body-weight and the other one is a sleeping position. People who do not care about these two factors often struggle to have a good night’s sleep after the purchase of the mattress. Later or sooner they dropped it out.

Overweight people: Every mattress is constructed for a particular body type. Heavy stomach/front sleepers must go with a firm mattress in order to have a good night’s sleep otherwise they will sink within the mattress and face body aches, and sleeping problems. Mattress thickness, the material used, support, use of coils etcetera decide the mattress firmness. We are assuming that a sleeper weight lies within 230 lbs to 500 lbs. Few best we have listed below. A soft pillow is a must to bring a good feel.

Firmness: Mostly heavy people feel comfortable and reliable on medium-firm or firm feel mattresses. If we talk particularly about firmness. Honestly,  it varies from person to person. If some people feel the mattress very firm while others may say the same mattress a medium-firm. All in all, it is totally rely on senses. It is true that some people get confused over from firmness and support. Firmness is basically defined as the first feel when a person touches or sits down on the mattress surface. During that moment how the person feels? very firm or for medium-firm.

Best Mattress For Heavy/Overweight Stomach Sleepers

The following we have shared the best mattresses for overweight people. The best part of this mattresses is that these all mattresses are having excellent customer reviews feedback and ratings that you can never neglect. We recommend you to take a look one by one and compare before any final purchase.

Zinus Durable Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress for Overweight Stomach Sleeper

Sold To: 3000+ Customers | Style: 10, 12-inch | Sizes: Twin, Queen, King, Full Size| Ratings: Good 4.4/5 | Firmness: Extra Firm |Warrenty:10 year limited warranty included | Best Sleep Position:  Stomach/belly Sleepers

best mattress for overweight stomach sleeper

This Zinus motion isolated durable mattress is especially for those people who are heavy enough and want to see the big difference in their sleep at a very affordable price. Our team highly recommend this mattress to you if your weight lies with the range 250lbs-500lbs.

Special Key Features

  • An ideal mattress for overweight sleepers with Extra firm support.
  • Extra 10% more heavy gauge steel coils pocket innerspring.
  • More coils with more comfort, stronger than your average mattress.
  • Works well to Fix Sleeping posture and provides good lumbar support.
  • Delivers ideal stability and extra firmness.
  • Different Styles and sizes support heavy weight ranging between 250lbs-500lbs.
  • 10 years warranty + ideal for stomach/front sleepers.
  • High-Quality CertiPUR-US Certified Durable dense form used
  • Individually wrapped coils make motion independent won’t let you know partner tossing and turning.
  • Sufficient to resolve issues like back pain, neck pain, shoulder.

Zinus Hybrid Mattress for Heavy Stomach Sleepers

Sold To: 160+ Customers | Material: Pocket Spring Hybrid | Style: 12, 10 inches | Sizes: Twin, Queen, King, Full Size, California King | Ratings: Good 4.3/5 | Firmness: Medium-Firm |Warranty: 10-year | Best Sleep Position: Stomach, Side, Back Sleepers

best mattress for heavy front sleepers

Another durable mattress only for the heavy sleepers. Extremely comfortable avoids hot sleeping also. This also works well to avoids lower back problems and backaches. Does not let you feel movement tossing or turning. Customer Complaint about the more mattress firmness but actually it is not for average-weight people.

Special Key Features

  • Another Good mattress for heavyweight people.
  • Icoil Pocket Springs With Comfort support all sleeping positions.
  • Sufficient capacity to bear or hold your weight ranging between 250lbs-500lbs by different sizes mattresses.
  • Durable high-density foam + motion-isolating iCoil pocket springs.
  • Ideal for back, stomach, side sleepers + 10 Years warranty
  • Well packed springs to offer strength and support with a medium-firm feel.
  • OEKO-TEX certified free from any sort of harmful chemicals and substances.
  • Microfill mattress cover adds up an extra layer to provide a soft, luxurious comfortable sense.

Sweetnight Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress in Box

Sold To: 273+ Customers | Material: Cool Gel Memory Foam | Style: 12-inch | Sizes: Queen, King| Ratings: Excellent 4.8/5 | Firmness: Medium-Firm |Warrenty: 10-year | Best Sleep Position: Stomach/belly, Side, Back Sleepers

best mattress for belly stomach sleeper

 Sweetnight Mattresses for restful nights. This 12-inch mattress carries unique features to provide both pressure point relief and a cool comfortable sleep environment. Medium-firm mattress supports well to all types of sleepers partners side, back, stomach-sleeper or you are with a partner, light, or heavy weight.

Special Key Features

  • Breathable Cover helps circulate air dissipate heat well.
  • 4 layers & 3 zones to better adapt the shape and weight of anybody for the perfect level of support.
  • Maintain proper body alignment, relieves pressure and low motion transfer.
  • A medium-firm mattress for light or heavyweight partner.
  • Fits all kinds of sleepers and helps to decline back problems.
  • Keep your body protective and no longer pressure on your shoulders, spine, hips & feet.
  • Skin-friendly rayon cotton fabric cover + CertiPUR-US certified made of no harmful substances/materials.

Why there is a need for a special  mattress for heavy people?

It is commonly noticed that overweight stomach/front sleepers often struggle to have back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and different sorts of problems after not having an appropriate mattress. A right firm mattress is not only capable of alleviating the pressure on the spine but also supports the whole body well.

Thickness: Another factor that can never be neglected is the thickness of the mattress.

  • Beds having a thickness of less than 10 cm are often considered as low profile.
  • Whereas thickness lie between 10 to 12 are considered as medium profile above it called a high profile.

Medium or high profile beds are most recommended for overweight people. Because these types often have multiple layers that are sufficient to support without sinking into the core. If the mattress sink more than needed this means it may not support the stomach/front sleeper well or are does not have any good durability.