How to Build a Website after Buying a Domain Name?

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Many may have a belief that you have to hire a website developer to build a website but the fact is that nowadays technology has advanced enough, you can do it by yourself without any technical knowledge.

You need a good website builder to construct a website according to your need. The steps are very easy. I am explaining a perfect solution guide to resolving your problem of creating a complete website.

After you purchase a domain name, you need a hosting platform first. A Hosting space that stores your website content. Secondly, To build a website, you need a website builder. Lastly, a little bit of a creative mind.

Website building costs

But before that, you may want to know how much it actually costs to build a good professional-looking website. The answer is it totally depends upon what kind of website you want. A small business website begins with cost less than $100 every year and it goes several thousand dollars per year with the extreme professional requirements.

We personally recommend to our clients to start a website with a small investment as you grow with your business, you can add advanced features.

Popular Website Builders

There are many website builders that certainly help you to establish a professional-looking website. Here below I have listed of you best.

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Dreamhost Website Builder
  • Gator by HostGator
  • Zyro
  • BigCommerce
  • GoDaddy Website Builder

Many of these website builders have the facility to build a website by simple drag and drop. The final thing is you have to match your requirement and goals with the facility they are delivering.

You can take the benefit of their free trial plans and if it suits you then you should proceed by taking their monthly or yearly pricing plan.

You should keep your growth on priority, with the passage of timeWill you be able to add more updates, is it allow you to upgrade features you need, does it has customer support as well as portable features. Does it allow you to migrate data from one platform to another without any loss?

Out of all of the above-mentioned website builders, we personally always prefer a self-hosting platform. The WordPress website builder is open-source, free, and comes with thousand of prebuilt templates and extensions. That’s really great.

More than 41 % of internet users are using WordPress platforms. We always prepare client’s websites in WordPress. It has huge flexibility and almost compatible with other third-party tools.

From the SEO point of view, we have seen so many examples explaining no one can beat WordPress. SEO is all about gaining ranking on search engines like Google Bing etc. WordPress is with more flexibility. SEO features help Google and others to understand your content. Search engine optimization is all about optimizing your content in a way that you rank in the first position. Other than this, technical SEO matters also. You can easily found thousands of videos on the internet solving your question regarding WordPress comparatively.

Building a website With Domain Name

Building a website is always fun. If you face any problem while creating a website you can visit the contact us page to communicate via email.

Let’s get started.

Setting up the domain as well as hosting

Uses often get into mistakes by choosing a non-versatile platform. Well, thanks to luck you are here with us. WordPress is a kind of platform that has thousands of predefined different-purpose readymade templates. Designs with add ons that allow you to create your decided website design.

Yes, WordPress is free, you can download it from the official website. Now the question that arises where WordPress comes from if it is free? The answer is you are getting charged for purchasing your own hosting space and domain.

Here are the some best offers of Today you should look at them.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers

Get Started

BlueHost Best For Starter Wordpress Hosting

Godaddy Hosting

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Fortunately, these days, Bluehost hosting service offering plenty of features with a 60% off discount while other companies may charge you additionally for each particular feature. Not only this but also you get a free domain which nearly costs you around 14 to 15 dollars per year.

you can visit this link to avail current running offer.

It is not a new company in the market it has been serving the customer since 2005. Apart from this, if you face any sort of difficulty in setting up your website feel free to contact us. We are always for you and happy to help.

When you visit the Bluehost official website, next you have to clickget started nowto proceed to build up a website.


This will bring you to the next page with a different pricing plan. Individuals and companies select the plan according to their establishment and type of need. We personally recommend you begin with a basic plan. It is because you are at an initial stage, as your business expands to the next level, the number of visitors visits your website, you then move to upgrade a plan.


Even whenever I build up a website for my client I always suggest them to purchase a basic plan. When I promote their website, they start getting visitors, nearly when it crosses 25000 visitors per month. Then I switch to an upgraded plan.

Instead, If you calculate the overall early price with the very expensive plan, you feel overpriced. And personally, we don’t recommend you.

We have so much experience with such kind services. We have been handling all this stuff for the last 10 years. We’re just providing you the genuine advice.


After that, they will ask you to pick a suitable domain name. Here you should stick with .com. it should be according to your business name with correct spelling. As you grow, your customers or users easily recognize your brand and domain name.

buying domain for building website


The next step is will ask you some basic details like email, name, last name, etc. Filling up the details, the next step you will see extra optional charges like website security, domain protection, website backup. You can buy these additional facilities later when you in need.

Website building additional charges

When I started my client website, I never buy them instantly. After a month or two when website content becomes enough, then I certainly buy a backup facility and a security feature.

Thereafter payment option, after doing purchasing for the domain as well as hosting. The next responsibility is to install WordPress on your website before proceeding to build it.


When you sign up with your account, They will provide a one-click installer facility for non-technical users. Users who want to install their website by themselves without the help of any third person.

When everything will be done the web browser you will redirect to the login page.


Enter your login credentials you will see the WordPress interface.

WordPress designs and handled by predefined themes. The initial one is not so attractive and appealing. You can easily change it by clicking on appearance –>Themes.

You will see a similar screenshot as below.

WordPress themes to build a beautiful website

Step 7:

On clicking and new you will assess 1000+ beautiful WordPress themes. Here one suggestion is to install the theme according to the demand or I say purpose. WordPress theme directory has different industry themes. You can filter them according to their popularity.

different industries web building templates

For this particular guide, I am here going to install a multi-purpose WordPress theme ocean WP. It has ready-made templates. Itself you can install them with one click. And customize this setting according to your need.

wordpress theme example for building website

For writing content to your website, you can use the post as well as page facility. Posts are basically for writing the blog content on a regular basis whereas pages are certainly used for pages like contact us page, privacy policy, disclaimer, home, etc.

Final Thought:

Building a website after buying a domain is not cumbersome totally unlike the early days. Nowadays, many website builders have prebuilt as well as provision to plan and implement websites by simple drag and drop. The most important aspect is flexibility, compatibility with others in case of a huge change. Apart from this, does it has plenty of helpful videos to resolves the queries by ourselves. We have explained the best option that will retain last long and have practically everything you need.

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