Is It Hard to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is all about marketing a product. You take the product before the audience, explain features- how profitable that product to them? if they like it, they make a purchase and in return for sales, you get a commission. This is is a simple concept of affiliate marketing.

It is not hard but the easiest process to make money with affiliate marketing comparing other ways of generating revenue. You can earn huge with a little effort. In fact, you should target the right audience, people who are particularly looking for the product should be in need.

The right audience matters the most. Some people even filter out the audience and target them later to maximize the conversion rate. Filtering out people is a concept developed named as a funnel.

Certain things, you must care about to make easy from hard to make money. let’s discuss them.

Affiliate Commission offering companies

Along with the right audience, you cannot refuse the importance of commission percentage. No doubt, I have seen several hundred people examples who are generating more than $2000 per month easily with Amazon affiliates.

However, other commissions offering companies are not beyond Amazon associates. Amazon offers only 8 to 10% maximum commission whereas, companies like Clickbank ready to pay 60% of the commission of the product. So, You should be wise while picking up the right kind of product and the commission rate.

Targeting relevant Purchasers

What many new beginners do is- just create the affiliate website produce non-convincing content, on their website and just start promoting. They don’t understand the importance of the right purchasers. This genuinely makes them hard to make money online.

Right targeting is the most essential aspect of the success of affiliate marketing. I have seen several cases when people present their product to those people who are not interested.

For example -When somebody is looking for a chair and you are promoting the mobile phone features, this is totally a waste of time, energy, hard work and surely disappoints you and makes hard to earn money from affiliate marketing.

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing Easily and Successful

I remember, when I started affiliate marketing I made a very beautiful blog. We team together worked on creating quality and convincing content. We went for a detailed search of low competition keywords from Semrush, and from Google autocomplete. We nearly 40 + articles for the continuous 2 months.

We were totally focusing on the organic targets. It means when somebody typesbest laptop under 1000 dollar”. They should visit our blog article named asbest laptop under 1000 dollar”.

What actually we are doing is- we are targeting the right audience. It means somebody is searching for agood laptop under 1000 dollars”, and we are serving them the same. Here, in this case, the conversion rate is still high these days.

if somebody asks for the laptop concerned information. We are not selling or showcase something else.

Why it becomes hard?

People take the help of Facebook, Twitter, etc. to drive traffic to their website from various sources and end up with no sales. The reason is- The traffic you are getting from social media, over there, who knows somebody searching for a particular laptop out of millions of people.

But if we talk about searching through Google, someone specifically types a keyword and gets the results with the most relevancy. So that’s why the conversion rate stays higher when targeting through search engines than that of social media.

However, you cannot refuse two possibilities. One is to target the accurate audience on the social media groups. You have an option to join the relevant groups and share your most relevant article on them.

The second option is to go for paid ads. Facebook allows you to target a specific age group as well as an interest-based audience. It will show your blog post ad to only those users who are interested in laptops (as an example). But here is one limitation again, we don’t know the buying time of them. Whether they have purchased or want to purchase or are only interested in gaining the knowledge of current running technology.

Creating funnels

Another way to make easy money through affiliate marketing by creating click funnels. Click funnel is basically are filtering out the people who are searching for the product.

What they do is they go for paid ads or organic traffic. When somebody visits their website, they showcase the all features of that particular promoting product and ask for the basic details before proceeding. During the process, they capture your email, then move to the second step then third. After completing the second step, they moved to the final payment page.

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing Easily and Successful

What is a reality happening over here is, they are sorting out the interested people. Making it more clear, if 100 people visit a website just to read the features of the product, out of hundred, 30 people will fill up the basic details, enter their email.

Out of 30, only 5 people will move to the payment page. They may or may not be instant purchases. But they have shown interest to the website owner. They are interested in that product but not ready to pay at that moment.

Now next time, leaving all a hundred people, your right audience is only five people. If you get a decent commission from a particular product. You can multiply that commission by 5. If your commission is more than $100 per sale, then you can easily imagine how easy is to make money from affiliate marketing.


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